How To Increase Testosterone

Dear frustrated friend,

There's a hormone epidemic that's affecting practically every man over the age of 35.

Known as "male menopause" or "low testosterone", more and more men are coming to grips with what your doctor may have told you is a "normal" process of aging.

That it’s something “you just have to accept” as a part of getting older.

Your Doctor Is Dead Wrong!

In fact, I can prove it to you right now by showing you the real facts about how you can increase your testosterone and do it…

  • 100% naturally
  • Without worthless, expensive supplements
  • Without potentially harmful medical treatments
  • And see (and feel!) fast results!

Hi, my name is Jeff Anderson…and I’m on a mission to help men who are going through the same thing I have been...

You see, I’ve been an author and publisher in the health industry for many years, but when I hit my 40’s, I started feeling what I assumed were the effects of “aging”.

I still enjoyed having sex…but was less and less interested in having it.

I was eating pretty “clean” and exercising…but finding it harder to stay in shape (and easier to gain fat around my belly)

I was getting enough sleep…but I was feeling tired during the day and I didn’t have as much mental and physical stamina to even play with my kids.

It didn’t take long for me to connect the dots.

I quickly realized the source of my problems was that my testosterone levels were dropping like a rock!

So of course, I began researching what I could do about my own declining hormone levels.

I saw my doctor…I saw my urologist…I saw an endocrinologist…

Everyone Either Told Me “It’s natural - just accept it.
Or Tried To Push Me Onto Hormone Replacement Therapy!

Don't Be Bullied
By Your Doctor!

Low T Doctor

Many doctors don't want to admit that they know nothing about how to increase testosterone and can push you into unnecessary hormone replacement therapy... with potentially catastrophic results!

There IS a better way!

Let me ask you…does this sound familiar?

Have you made that same frustrating trip to see your doctor to discuss your low sex drive, lack of energy and stamina, reduced mental focus…only to see him shrug his shoulders and tell you “there’s not much you can do”?

Were you offered hormone replacement therapy as a “quick fix” solution?

If so, you’re not alone.

In fact, I’ve talked to thousands of men with the same problem as you and I and the vast majority of them who went to see their doctor were told that low testosterone was just a “normal” process of aging.

Even worse, many were told the only solution was a lifetime treatment of expensive hormone replacement therapy!

Look, let's face it...doctors prescribe drugs. That’s what they were taught to do.

But rather than just give up or jump right into shots and pills, I decided to first do the research to see if there really was something I could do to help myself.

So I dug around on my own - I started pouring through medical research studies - I talked with real experts about natural ways to increase testosterone...

...but even I wasn’t prepared for the shocking truth I uncovered as I started looking for solutions!

A groundbreaking study published in the Journal Of
Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism revealed that …

Your Testosterone Levels Are Under Attack...

...And Getting Worse Every Single Year!

It’s true!

You’ve probably been told that your “age” is the biggest contributor to your declining testosterone levels, right?

And there’s some truth to this…

As you can see in this graph, the typical man sees his testosterone peak at about 30—35 years old..

Low Testosterone Graph

Then, at about 35-40, your testosterone levels begin dropping by about 1-2% each year.

Ok, I know what you’re thinking…

"If declining testosterone is a natural part of the aging process, then why all the alarm?", right?

Well, let’s look deeper at the research…

Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & MetabolismEvidence Of Shocking Trend In Testosterone
Levels For Men Of All Ages Is Revealed...

In January 2007, evidence was submitted in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism that...

...our male population is being systematically "feminized"!

In reviewing testosterone levels of men of the same age group from 3 different time blocks (80's, 90's, and 2000's), it was discovered that each generation of men is producing less and less testosterone at the same age, and in the researchers' words...

"...circulating testosterone concentrations in men are in an age-independent, secular decline." *

That means that you have less testosterone than your father did at your age now...and even he had less testosterone than his father at the same age! Guess what that means for any sons you may have!

The bottom line is this...

Losing Testosterone At This Rate Is NOT Natural!

* JCEM 2007 92: 44-45; doi:10.1210/jc.2006-2438

You really need to understand this…

It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, or even your 70’s and beyond.

You've simply been brainwashed into thinking you just need to "give up".

The Truth Is, Your Age Is The LEAST Of Your Worries
When It Comes To Low Testosterone!

You see, there are much worse factors at play that are working against you and your hormones right now.

For example, did you know that…

No Man Wants To Look Like This!

Man With Gynocomastial Man Boobs

  • Excess belly fat
  • Saggy "man boobs"
  • Lack of muscle definition

If you have "low t", the problem may not be your level of activity or even your diet, but rather due to excess levels of the female hormone estrogen in your body!

There are 4 different factors of your job that play a role in how your body produces testosterone…

Your golf game could be plummeting your testosterone levels (and increasing estrogen!)…

A so called “healthy” diet could actually be the last thing you need if you want to overcome “low t”…

And your body is literally under attack by a flood of "mutant estrogen" that's damaging your body’s sensitive endocrine system and destroying your sex life!

What I uncovered amounts to nothing short of an utter “testosterone conspiracy”!

From certain foods you’re eating…to common household products you’re in contact with… to even which brand of soap you're using…many items you’re currently using are loaded with a “fake” form of female hormone.

They’re called “xenoestrogens”.

These are chemicals that are close in structure to the female hormone estrogen...only worse!

Because this “synthetic” form of estrogen is slightly off in chemical structure from natural estrogen, it doesn’t bond correctly in the body and isn’t excreted as easily.

Instead, it ends up sticking around and creates cells where they shouldn’t be.

This can lead to what’s called “estrogen dominance” - a condition where female hormones take over in your body, lowering your testosterone…

...and it can even cause cancer!

But Here's The Good News...

Your Body Actually WANTS To Produce More Testosterone
No Matter What Age You Are Right Now!

This may come as a suprise to you...

Jack LallaneWhen supported properly, your body is able to produce healthy levels of testosterone well into your 70's, 80's and even 90's!

Jack Lallane was a shining example of this possibility.

Jack was the poster-child for amazing health and vitality through following a lifestyle that gave him amazing health, non-stop energy, and yes...a healthy libido!

In fact, Jack and his wife still had
an active sex life right up into his 90's!

As a matter of fact, having higher levels of testosterone and a healthy sex life has been shown to affect all areas of your health as well...including a decreased risk of heart disease!

This is why the epidemic proportions of low-testosterone syndrome among men is so troubling.


The Natural Way To Have SUPER SEX Every Time!

Testosterone Boosts Sex DriveIf you feel too tired or disinterested to enjoy sex - or just want a more satisfying love life - I have a secret that can increase your sexual pleasure and restore your libido and passion to a healthy level!

Yes, you really CAN...

  • Increase your sex drive...
  • Enjoy soaring self-confidence in bed...
  • Impress her with greater stamina and energy...
  • Feel a stronger emotional connection with your partner...

And do it WITHOUT pills and prescriptions!

But you MUST give it the support it needs in order to carry out its mission.

You’re not doing that right now…but in a few minutes, you could have your own personalized “testosterone plan” and enjoy the benefits of youth and vitality once again!

Imagine if you could...

Have the energy and vitality of your younger days

See more muscle and less fat on your body when you look in the mirror…

Increase your sex drive and re-ignite passion in your relationship…

Regain laser-like mental focus and soaring self-confidence

And have amazing “rock the bed” sex once again!

All from just putting into place a few simple changes and following this simple plan.

Discover Nature's Own Sex-Boosters!

Pumpkin Seeds Boost Testosterone

Strange as it may sound, studies reveal that pumpkin seeds possess natural testosterone-boosting powers!

They're not only super high in muscle-building protein but they also contain high levels of the exact type of fat and nutrients shown to stimulate male androgenic hormones!

These are just one of several
testosterone-boosting "super foods" you can use to regain your virility!

And I don't have to be a psychic to know what you're thinking right now.

You're most likely asking yourself "HOW?", right?

How can YOU gain back the same level of health, vitality, and sexual appetite and performance of your younger years?

Well, that was what I asked myself when I began experiencing signs of low testosterone - so I turned toward the experts I had been researching and asked them to help me put together my own "testosterone lifestyle plan" to help me...

Reduce Estrogen And Naturally
Increase Your Testosterone...

...At The Same Time!

You see, the real secret is to let your body naturally do what it’s supposed to do.

By taking action on just a few simple steps to eliminate the negative factors working against you while putting into place some simple steps to support your body’s own natural testosterone production, you allow your body to once again naturally begin producing more testosterone.

Yes...without drugs... without side effects... without even expensive doctor visits!

I discovered the most amazing secrets for naturally boosting testosterone through my intensive research and experimentation with the help of my own personal "testosterone team"...

...and now they can help YOU map out your own battleplan...

The world's top hormone specialists donated
their precious time to become part of...

The Greatest Team Of Testosterone Specialists Ever Assembled!

Dr. Bryan WalshDr. Bryan Walsh
Naturopathic Physician specializing in nutritional biochemistry, autoimmune conditions and hormone balancing for optimum health.
Patrick McGuirePatrick McGuire
Registered Nutritionist and President of Empowered Nutrition, a company that services elite athletes in performance-based nutrition.
Dr. Chris MeletisDr. Chris Meletis
Author and guest expert on radio and television for the treatment of testosterone enhancement, andropause and male fertility.
James VillipigueJames Villepigue CSCS
Best selling fitness author for Rodale Press and featured as celebrity trainer for television shows such as "Regis & Kelly Live" & "The Maury Show".
Dr. Cory HollyDr. Cory Holly
Founder of the Certified Sports Nutrition Advisor education program and leading expert in the influence of nutrition on human genetic expression.
Dr. Karlis UllisDr. Karlis Ullis M.D.
Medical Doctor and faculty member of UCLA School of Medicine; published expert in the field of Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome.
Stephen Harrod BuhnerStephen H. Buhner
Award-winning author and expert in the field of "phytoandrogens" - natural plant-based compounds for hormonal health.
Yuri ElhaimYuri Elkhaim
Registered Holistic Nutritionist and world-renowned author and expert in the fields of nutrition, fitness, and natural anti-aging practices.

That's right...

I've compiled an "A-Team" panel of medical doctors, anti-aging physicians, personal trainers, and natural health experts on the cutting edge of combating low testosterone syndrome.

Low Testosterone BooksThese are leaders in their field with their finger on the pulse of the lastest advancements in hormone health discoveries.

Together we created the most comprehensive
library of scientific secrets for
hormonal health on the planet, and...

The Ultimate "Blueprint" To
Increase Your Testosterone
100% Naturally!

I promise you that there's no other resource like this anywhere for men like you and me.

With the help of my hand-selected team of experts, you'll receive your very own simple action plan for overcoming "low t".

I'm talking about reclaiming your naturally high levels of testosterone with such secrets as...

Is it REALLY "Low T"? How to know for sure if what you're experiencing is low testosterone syndrome.. of if your symptoms are masking something worse.
The information most doctors can't (or WON'T!) tell you about how to boost your body's male hormones.
Increase essential testosterone "pre-cursors" as much as 65% just by tapping into one of Mother Nature's most powerful resources!
Warning: Your sex life may be reducing your testosterone levels! Our team of experts will explain why and give you the super simple secret to actually transform sex into a powerful "hormone trigger"!
The most common mistakes doctors make when treating low testosterone. (This will save you time, money and massive amounts of frustration when you consult with your physician!)
The natural hormone replacment plan that restores this testosterone pre-cursor to healthy levels again so your testes have everything they need to create new hormones at optimum levels!
The 3 classes of hormone-supportive supplements you need to know about. If you leave out even just one of these classes, you will short-circuit your body's androgenicresponse. (Even worse, you can actually see a drop in testosterone and an increase in estrogen...but we'll show you how to master this level of supplementation like a pro!
The "erection connection"...and how to improve blood flow and revive your lovemaking prowess again even if you've had "problems" in the past.
Is Your Shampoo Destroying Your Manhood?

Parabens And TestosteroneThere are many "hidden causes" that can sneak their way into disrupting your hormone levels without you even knowing it.

You may even be exposed to common estrogenic toxins in your surroundings!

For example, check your shampoo for any ingredient ending in

This is one of several known xenoestrogens that enter your body without you even knowing it, resulting in an overabbundance of female hormones that lower your testosterone!

You'll discover another 3 common ingredients and 12 other places xenoestrogens are hiding in your home, workplace and environment, but for now if you notice any parabens in your shampoo, soap, or lotion...STOP using them immediately!

The truth about hormone replacement therapy that every man worried about testosterone must know! Without these facts, you could be getting set up for a very expensive mistake riddled with nasty side effects!
Melt fat and banish "man boobs" forever! With "The Testosterone Solution" plan, you'll reverse your body's overload of estrogen that's causing unwanted weight gain and excess chest fat... and build the lean, hard, "manly" physique that women swoon over!

Why you can't just "pop a pill" and expect a flood of hormones! This is one of the most frustrating experiences for guys with big dreams who fell for some glitzy marketing ad.

No-nonsense ways to protect your prostate while regaining your sexual strength and vigor!

(Note: Our team of experts also cover other medical conditions like diabetes, testicular cancer, metabolic syndrome and adrenal fatigue and how they interact with testosterone enhancement.)

Send your energy through the roof... by eliminating this one common beverage that you don't even realize is wreaking havoc with your body's desire to pump out more testosterone!
How to take adantage of your body's natural "androgen cycles" to turbo-charge testosterone output and feel "strong and confident" all day long!
2 down and dirty solutions if your doctor turns out to be a “dead end” in your testosterone boosting mission.
And Much More!

The Testosterone Solution Program
Is Your Ultimate Game-Changer For You To

Naturally Restore Your Virility,
Sex-Drive, And Confidence!

What I'm about to hand you is literally a "one-stop testosterone solution" to know exactly what to do right now to reclaim healthy hormone levels...and do it all 100% naturally!

Quite frankly, there's no other resource as comprehensive for showing you the simple-yet-powerful steps you can take to

How to avoid "penis shrinkage"! Yes...your penis actually shrinks as you get older - unless you follow our simple step-by-step strategy to keep your member at manly proportions!
A Native American plant that was used to cure inflammation...and works just as well at lowering excess estrogen in your body and protecting your prostate at the same time!
Achieve laser-life focus and the memory of an elephant! When estrogen rises and testosterone declines, your ability to think clearly and focus fades away. But you can "save your brain" by restoring essential hormone balance at any age!
Look (and feel!) younger than your actual age! Without maximum testosterone production, your muscle definition wastes away... your posture slumps... your skin looks rough and paper thin - you basically get old before your time! Put a stop to accellerated aging now by following our simple "Testosterone Solution Program"!
Believe it or not, a "healthy" diet can actually disrupt your body's natural testosterone production! We'll share the "bad foods" you can add to your day that will taste great AND trigger more "T" for a better body now!
Overcome "estrogen dominance" once and for all by outwitting chemical-based "mutant" female hormones lurking in your home...your office... your car... even your food!
Wake up with a "woody" every morning...and bounce out of bed feeling completely refreshed and energized for your day!
Why your testosterone may be low even if you're eating the right foods... even if you're trying to exercise right... even if you're considered "too young" to worry about your hormones!
And Much More!

Frankly, this doesn't even scratch the surface of all the "homone tips" that await you in the members-only area of
The Testosterone Solution Program!

Not even close!

But now you're probably wondering "how much will it cost to tap into this virutal "Hormone Fountain-Of-Youth", right?

there's only one last question to ask before you get started on your path to youthfull virility...

How Much Is It Worth To You To
Tap Into Your Own "Fountain Of Youth" And
See Dramatic Changes In Natural Testosterone Levels?

I's hard to put a price tag on restoring your youth... your body... and your sex drive, isn't it?.

I mean, who wouldn't give an arm and a leg for gaining back the energy and vitality of your younger years?

That's why doctors charge so much for prescribing medicines that promise you "youth in a pill, rub-on cream, or shot"!

In fact, if you were to go and see an endocrinologist to begin a common program of hormone replacement therapy to increase testosterone, you would expect to pay up to thousands of dollars in lab tests... consultations... and monthly required treatments (that may not even work).

But of course we wouldn't charge that for a 100% natural plan you can do yourself, right?

In fact, this program is an absolute steal at $150, considering that's aboutwhat you would normally pay for a single consultation with an endocrinologist (that's often not covered by insurance).

But this is a personal "mission" of mine - to hand as many men as possible the "master controls" to your own hormonal health without all the hassle and misinformation being handed out by phony informercials and confused doctors.

So we've decided to give you instant access to real, actionable advice from our panel of medical doctors, specialists, and published authors and experts in the area of natural testosterone enhancement...all for as little as just a one time fee of only $34.95 when you click the "Add To Cart" button below now...

Add To Cart

Aren't you worth such a small investment, knowing that you're being handed the "secret key" to living your life filled with energy...strength... self-confidence... a raging sex-drive... and passion-filled performance in the bedroom?

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Immediately upon signing up, you'll receive instant access to the Testosterone Solution system so you can devour all of the life-changing information that awaits you.

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Money Back Guarantee

That's it! Just one fee to begin taking control of your own testosterone levels right now and all you have to do is give the "
The Testosterone Solution" program a try...put it's simple strategies to work...and feel the difference for yourself for up to 6 months to be convinced.

If you don't see dramatic improvements in higher energy levels... more muscle and less fat... and skyrocketing
sex-drive and performance
... within just 180 days from the time you sign up, then simply contact our Member Relations Team for a fast and courteous refund! You'll find our contact information right there inside the members-only area for easy access!

Plus, When You Sign Up Now, I'll Even
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Because I want to make sure that you have every last piece of the puzzle for maximizing your body's own natural hormone enhancement, I'm going to throw in a special bonus package I know you're going to love!

This going to make this a real "no-brainer" decision for you AND answer every single question you'll ever have about how to take charge of your testosterone once and for all...

Super Bonus #1: The Testosterone Diet Plan!

Testosterone Diet8 Simple "Food Tricks" To Decrease Estrogen
And Increase Testosterone!

A $47.95 Value - Yours FREE!

Would you be surprised to know that some of the so called "heatlhy" foods you're eating right now are actually causing low testosterone?

And what if I told you that many of the "bad foods" - those guilty pleasures you were told to stay away from - can actually send your testosterone levels through the roof?

Would You Believe Me?

You will once you discover the "8 Simple Factors To A High-T Diet!"

In this myth-shattering program, you'll discover how easy it is to "eat like a man" and support your body's natural hormone-enhancing needs through the science of "androgenic nutrition".

We'll uncover such ground-breaking secrets like...

Estrogen-producing foods that have snuck their way into your current diet! And why you'll never see optimum testosterone levels until you get rid of these hidden hormone-killers!
Is your diet too healthy? We show you where you can splurge - without guilt - and actually see an increase in T-levels! (You're going to love this one!)
Why you should never count calories! Especially if you want to balance your hormones because it can literally cause you to hold back your metabolism, causing more fat gain and lowering your production of male hormones!
BEWARE: The popular "high protein diets" that have sprung up lately have actually been shown in recent studies to lower testosterone! We'll tell you the right balance of nutrients you need to
build muscle... burn fat... and jack up testosterone!
Why the latest trend in "heart-healthy fats" is simultaneously disrupting your hormone balance. Don't worry...there's a simple way to boost testosterone AND protect your ticker without having to sacrifice either one!
A "secret ingredient" your grandmother used that shocked scientists with its testosterone-boosting powers! (I now add this to one meal a day and it's sinfully delicious!)
And Much More!

Super Bonus #2: The "Testosterone Workout"!

Testosterone WorkoutA Revolutionary New Exercise Strategy
For Any Age...And Any Fitness Level!

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Leave those "soup can curls" to the little old ladies down at the local rec center!

To boost testosterone, you need to train your body like a "real man"!

No matter what shape you're in now...
No matter how old or young you are...
No matter what equipment you have...

Our resident trainer has designed the perfect program for you that's tailored for maximum testosterone output!

Why muscle is your body's "calling card" to trigger a flood of testosterone!
The exact amount of time you should train to stimulate your body's natural anabolic response. But be's a lot shorter than you think and if you go past this timeline, you'll actually see a decrease in testosterone!

Train with this exciting new exercise strategy designed by a Hollywood celebrity trainer and you'll not only unleash more'll transform your entire body from soft and squishy to rock hard and chisseled!

And the best part is - it works no matter how old you are and even if you're completely out of shape (but is still advanced enough for the hardest training guys out there)! You adjust the training for a perfect fit every time!

A unique way to expertly "stack" your exercises to program your body for high anabolic hormone output. (This puts YOU in control of your intensity and gives you amazing amounts of energy throughout your entire workout!)
The "man boob makeover"! Follow this exercise strategy and transform flabby chest fat into hard, chiselled pecs that draw stares at the beach...for all the right reasons!
A step-by-step walkthrough of a groundbreaking new workout strategy so you know EXACTLY how to train to send your testosterone levels soaring to new heights!
How to get rid of belly fat! Even guys who train hard and watch their diet often carry excess fat around their midsection. We'll show you how to blast away at unwanted body fat like a blowtorch through butter!
And Much More!

Super Bonus #3: The TRUTH About Hormone Replacement Therapy

Testosterone Replacement TherapyAre Medical Treatments For
"Low T" Right For YOU?

A $47.95 Value - Yours FREE!

Has your doctor (or even a friend) suggested you try medical-based hormone replacement therapy (HRT)?

Are you wondering if HRT is really the answer to your problems?

Don't make this decision uninformed... and don't make it alone!

We discuss all you need to know (and what many doctors won't tell you!) to make an educated decision.

No scare tactics and no confusing, misleading myths...only the TRUTH about the pros and cons of this very important level of treatment.

We'll give you real insider advice such as...
How to find the right doctor to begin (and manage) your treatments. (Do NOT screw this up or you could suffer serious consequences!)
"Will HRT shut down your body's own natural testosterone production (and shrivel up your balls)?" We have the answer!

Your "No B.S." checklist to decide if hormone replacement is right for you.

How often you should be tested to make sure you're not receiving too much replacement hormone. (Don't be put on a shelf by your doctor! Monitoring your progress and reaction is critical to ensuring safety and effectiveness!
Which delivery of HRT (shots, creams, pellets, etc.) is the best for fast, safe testosterone enhancement...with minimal side effects.
How to boost testosterone without triggering a massive "estrogenic response" that does more damage!
Questions to ask your doctor to know for sure if he has your best interests in mind... or whether he's pushing you unnecessarily down the path of a long, expensive mistake!
And Much More!


Gain Immediate Access To The Most
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Jeff Anderson
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